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Why Mobile Working Is The Future of Workforce

Nowadays, the traditional approach in doing things is continually being challenged by some new modern approach that’s made more efficient by technology. And one that’s making a great difference in the business world right now is the trend of mobile working.

Technology has been evolving at a fast pace and along with this are the changes that also happens simultaneously with it in different industries. Companies and businesses are now on a search for a new breed of employees to add to their workforce. The kind of workers who can do an exceptional job remotely.

Thanks to technology, this positive change in the workplace are now making a big impact not just on companies and businesses but also in the life of many employees. Working remotely means being able to do the job anywhere in the world and on any kind of device.

This trend gives companies a wider access to a great pool of talents that can help make their business grow. The future of work is finally here and below are the current trends that it’s bringing to different businesses and companies around the world.

Ability to Work Anytime from Any Location

The days of the traditional workplace where employees are confined within the four corners of the office is long gone. With all the technology that’s available to make collaboration and communication between people separated by great distances possible, the option of hiring employees living far away from where the company or business is based is now possible.

More and more industries are now adopting this unique work arrangement because of the savings it brings and the flexibility that it gives to the worker. By allowing employees to work from home, the stress that long commutes often result to and the energy-draining standard office hours are automatically eliminated.

Companies and businesses can now allow remote workers to access information and tools that will allow them to establish communication and accomplish the job efficiently even from the comfort of their homes. While employees are doing their jobs remotely, it is crucial for the company to monitor the level of productivity and maintain security.

Getting software that can offer workforce management like monitoring attendance, managing absences and even scheduling employees from companies like Advance Systems will make your business ready to take on the new trend of a mobile workforce.

Quick Access To Systems and Relevant Data via Cloud Services

Cloud computing is one of the technologies that make remote working possible. It makes remote access to company-owned software programs and other tools possible. And not just that, it also allows remote employees to access data which is owned by the company in a safe and secure environment.

The days of intranets, closed servers and fixed location computers where employees needed to log in are now a thing of the past. Many companies at present run virtual workspaces using cloud services which employees can access no matter where they are residing in the world as long as a stable connection to the Internet is available.

Cloud computing can handle large amounts of data making it available to the employees and the organization as a whole. For instances, cloud services like OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and many others can provide space where companies can store relevant files for their remote employees.

Big companies and brands surely need large storage for data that they use in their business and thanks to cloud computing, this needed space is now available and access to it can also be given to employees working from their homes.

Access to Productivity-Boosting Contractors

Companies are now able to save cost in getting the job done while improving lead times by getting the services of contractors. In this work arrangement, the contracted employee is able to focus on a single task and get it done as quickly as possible without sacrificing the quality of the output.

The ability to focus on a single task makes contractors more productive than standard employees that are loaded with multiple responsibilities as part of his/her job description.

The Rise of Freelancers

Millions of workers around the world are now choosing freelance jobs over the security and benefits offered by companies to people who choose to work for them. It’s because freelancing allows you to become your own boss.

Many freelancers are just as successful as those who are working for top companies and corporations. The skills that are most sought after in freelancers are the special ones like strategist, marketer, engineer, and others.

Looking for the Right Workers

Finding the right person to fill a specific role in a company’s workforce has been a big challenge to Human resource departments. People who possess the right skills and talents are hard to find especially in the field of engineering and IT.

But thanks to technology and online outsourcing sites, it’s now possible to find someone who can do the job with a big pool of freelancers available to take any project that you have at the right price. Collaborating with the best talents and hiring the right workers is also possible with these technologies and services around.

Employees Purchase and Use Their Own Devices

Most people own a smartphone, a laptop and other mobile devices like tablets and remote workers surely have these gadgets too. When you hire people to work from their homes, they will eventually use their own devices allowing your company or business to avoid the cost of purchasing particular equipment for them.

Remote employees also pay for their own snacks, coffee and even the amount of electricity consumed for each day of work. So you get not just increased productivity but also savings which you can allocate for more important stuff that will help the business grow.

Remote Workers are Available for Work 24/7 via the Cloud

Since you can hire workers from the other side of the world to do different tasks, it means that you can continue to perform business even at night when the other side of the world has its daytime. This is possible if you have hired people from East Asian countries like the Philippines.

Since tasks, projects and even tools are now accessible via the cloud, these employees of yours can continue performing different responsibilities to ensure that the business runs round-the-clock. The more work gets accomplished, the more profit comes in and the more efficient your company becomes.


With all these current trends in remote working arrangements, there’s no doubt that it’s going to be the future workforce. And as more and more technologies and inventions come out, things are just going to be better from this day forward. We’re thrilled with what the future has in store, do you feel the same too?


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