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7 Useful Tips to Boost Your Efficiency During Business Travels

People quickly think that those who travel for business are living a good life. They’re able to reach places and experience dream destinations around the world while enjoying different cuisines. In other instances, they even lounge by the pool and do things an ordinary worker can only dream of.

That’s what you mostly see in movies and sensationalized TV dramas. A job that involves business travels could easily become one of the best if only those depictions are accurate. But the truth is actually the opposite. People who travel for business are on a strict schedule most of the time.

Most take early flights, attend large conferences and meetings plus the exhaustion brought by jet lag, these are the real stuff that you don’t see or even imagine but it’s there. That’s how the world spins for one who travels for business purposes and as you can see, it’s not even glamorous.

Thankfully, there are things that you can do to make business traveling lighter in every aspect. Here are 7 of them which we hope would help you become more efficient on your next business travel:

1. Compile All Documents for the Travel

These are the most important things that you need to secure before you embark on any trip. Check your password and make sure it’s still valid. Necessary visas should also be present. With the tight schedule that you’ll have, the last thing you want to happen is missing a flight because one of these documents were left at home.

Take enough time for preparation and if you want to avoid long lines in customs and security, you can apply for global entry programs and security pre-checks in case they’re available.

2. Find Frequent Fliers Program That You Can Join

If you fly frequently for business trips then it’s a good idea to sign-up for a program that turns the miles you traveled into free flight tickets. It doesn’t matter if it’s you who’s paying for your ticket or it’s the company’s expense, recording the miles you traveled is important.

Sky Team, Star Alliance, and One World are just three of the many Frequent Flier Programs out there which you can join. It all depends on the airline which you frequently fly with. By doing this, you can earn free flight upgrades, access exclusive lounges or you can even be given credit for a rental car.

Renting a car or taking taxis can be expensive. It’s also possible that your company won’t compensate you for it so having rewards and credits from FFPs can be a big help. You’ll also be on safe hands if you take an airport transfer shuttle going to your hotel after a┬álong flight and the jet lag you might be experiencing.

3. Take Advantage of Business Travel Insurance When Booking a Trip

This is often ignored but it’s one of the most important things to remember when booking a business trip. Losing your bags while on the way can be very unfortunate but if you have business travel insurance, these circumstances can easily be solved. And it’s not just lost baggage that this insurance covers.

It can take care of flight cancelations, lost personal belongings and even medical emergencies. All these potential threats can affect your travel and the business you’re in it for so be sure to get the right business travel insurance whenever upon booking your tickets and before embarking on the trip.

4. Be Smart When Packing Your Stuff

You won’t need to bring plenty of stuff on a business travel. There isn’t much time for leisure and recreation on this kind of a trip. Just be sure to dress-up smart and read for the meeting or conference that you’re going to attend.

If possible, it is best to put everything into a single bag that you can carry on. This saves you time in waiting on the luggage you checked in and best of all, it lessens the stress of carrying heavy loads. You can keep things organized by putting them together in packing cubes. It also allows you to get your outfit changed quickly when needed.

If it’s going to be a long journey, packing a change of clothes is a good idea. It will help you get changed quickly so you can feel fresh upon arriving at the airport ready to face some colleagues and you can even go directly to a meeting when needed.

5. A Quality Accommodation is Important

It is important to get a good nights sleep when you’re on a business travel. The combination of factors that can contribute to stress and exhaustion isn’t lacking in these situations. From the jetlag that you’re going to get after the long flight to the endless meetings that you’re going to attend. The comfort of a quality hotel room is what you’re going to need at the end of each day.

If it’s you who’s going to book the accommodation, be sure to pick the best one in the area. However, if it’s the company who’s going to book it for you, checking on the type of accommodation in advance and determining if you would need an upgrade is a wise move.

If you’re going to stay for long, it’s best to book into a service apartment instead. These type of accommodations are more spacious and can offer the feel of home in most cases when compared to hotel rooms. Aside from that, apartments also offer amenities that are not available in hotels.

6. Stay in Good Health Through Exercise

Staying healthy while on a business trip is essential. It helps ensure that you have enough energy and alertness for the upcoming meetings and conferences that you’re going to attend. A regular exercise routine can also drive jet lag away and also maintains a sound mind. And since most business conferences and meetings offer carb and junk food-loaded tables for everyone which are often hard to resist. You can also be invited for drinks at the end of each day

The best thing you can do in order to stay in good health is to avoid such things. Stick to fruits, vegetables and drink lots of water instead. Stay away from coffee as a means of battling jet lag. Take time to feed yourself with the food that it really needs so you can keep going.

A walk to your hotel after a meeting or a jog towards the place where you get some food is a good idea. Give no place for laziness while you’re on a business travel. Take time to exercise at the start of each day.

7. Maintain Sound Mental State

Getting overwhelmed by all the stresses in your personal life, the demands of business travels and many other factors are always possible. With all the troubles that can happen within a single travel itself- the crowd you need to be joined with, the long lines, missing luggage etc. Staying in a sound mental state in these instances is crucial.

A sound mental health is as vital as a good physical condition whenever you’re on a business travel. It’s your brain that will give you an edge in every meeting and conference that you’re going to attend. Take time to sit back, relax and compose yourself. This will help you manage stress more effectively and be ready for anything that can happen for the day.




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