7 Elements of an Effective Newsletter

Last Updated on June 13, 2020 by admin

Newsletters normally inform your customers, contacts, and clients about the latest happenings in your business. A survey by DMA Insights revealed that 68% of digital marketers use newsletters as a main instrument in their marketing strategies.

A newsletter that is written well with all the needed elements included is a great tool in maintaining contact with an audience. It reminds them that your business still exists and is going stronger than ever in the industry. Newsletters also help maintain a positive image to potential customers and clients.

Every industry has its own unique set of strategies in writing a newsletter but there are key components that you need to include in every single one of them. Here are 7 that would hopefully improve the next newsletter that you’re going to write for your business.

1. Formulate a Good Title

The title you make for your newsletter is going to be the first thing that the reader would see upon checking their email. If it sounds less appealing then it won’t even be opened for sure. Readers will not be thrilled to open it if it only bears the name of your business and the word “Newsletter” next to it.

Be creative and innovative in your titles and make it captivating from all angles. Once you’re able to create a catchy title, be sure to apply the same idea or concept in the next ones so that readers will be baited to open and read what it’s all about.

2. Add Photos and Put in Some Design

Most of the contents that we find in digital media nowadays contain pictures. Whether it’s an article or a promotional email, logos, images and are key elements that are found in every one of them. Your newsletter must follow this strategy as well.

A newsletter that’s loaded with just alphanumeric characters in it will be viewed as something that’s boring. No matter how good your title is but you lack this visual element, your newsletter will still prove to be ineffective. So be sure to include a photo in your newsletters

Find some relevant images that you can use or even take photos by yourself to be used in it. This takes away the boring part and makes your content more interesting to read.

3. Don’t Forget to Talk About Your Business

You work on your business from day-in to day-out. However, when someone asks you about it, you almost instantly freeze out of the lack of idea where you should start to talk about it or what aspect to of the business it is that you want to share.

However, once you start to get going, stopping becomes a challenge. This is a good thing to channel for your newsletter since it will get all your readers excited. Giving it a personal tone would also work perfectly but don’t forget to talk about your business for the most part.

If you’re stuck and don’t know what to write, try making it like “a letter from the owner” format. This will allow you to share to your customers what’s going on with the company. Include the new ties that’s been established with other companies to show progress and growth. This can also be a place where you can offer solutions to certain problems being suffered by the customers.

You may also talk about employees and the company’s projects or even developments and breakthroughs that can help thrill your customers into knowing more and wanting to receive more newsletters from you.

4. Be Creative and Use a Variety of Content

Make the content short but tastes sweet every time. Give them a something to look forward to while giving them a headline that gives them a glimpse of what the newsletter is all about. If you make it good enough, you’ll be bringing in more visitors to your website or even new customers.

But using some techniques that gives a snapshot of everything you’re saying within the newsletter is helpful for those who want to open it but are not willing to spend too much time to finish through the content. Here are ways to do this:

  • Include a short “how-to” article on how to use one of your products
  • Put a list of the top 5 most read blog posts in your website
  • Use an infographic that is relevant to the content of the newsletter and the business it is promoting
  • Place a link to a survey or ongoing poll you’re conducting
  • Include a snippet of a top-performing blog that you have

5. Give a Glimpse of Your Future Goals

Your readers and customers want to be thrilled. Be sure to give them what they want by showing that your business is on a clear road to progress and success. Previous accomplishments are part of history, you need to make history again by continuing to innovate and make the business grow even more. Let everyone know about the upcoming plans that you have.

As you do so, you’re actually sparking interest within their minds to really want to follow and know what’s going to happen next. Feel free to use your newsletter as an instrument of giving a hint about the products you are about to launch or a major update that you’ve been working on for your app. Moreover, if you’re offering a service, you can tell them that you’re currently undergoing skills enhancement classes to better serve them in the future.

6. Don’t Forget to Link to Your Social Media Profiles

Most people who have online accounts like an email would most likely have a social media account as well. This is a good way for you to stay in touch with them. Place links to your social media accounts in strategic places in your newsletter. Ask them to like, follow and subscribe to your accounts and pages in these channels so they can be updated of the latest happenings.

Doing this will allow you to have continued interaction with them and you can even gain more followers through the share, tag and mention options that are available on these social media platforms.

7. Encourage Them Move With a Good Call to Action

Finally, as you go to the conclusion of your newsletter, be sure to add an effective call to action. It should be something that will help them become more engaged with your business. Direct them to use your hashtag in the posts that they make in social media.

Ask them to visit your website to find more interesting stuff and share content that they love with friends. This is also the right place where you can offer rewards, discount codes, and incentives. Tell them about a competition you established with rewards that they’ll love. The more you engage them with your business using an effective call the action, the more they’ll help you bring in more people in referrals.

Other Things to Remember

Avoid using click baits as this would be detrimental to the reputation of your business. Make it sound and feel sincere instead while giving proper rewards for those who take time to pay attention.

Don’t forget to put in your company’s contact information in the footer section of the newsletter to make it look legitimate and professional. Also, include an “Unsubscribe” button so that your readers can have the freedom to opt-out from receiving newsletters anytime in the future.

Newsletters are not like the other marketing emails that your company sends out. It should not just contain marketing and sales pitches or promotions. A good newsletter is one that engages customers to your business and encourages loyalty to your brand or even brings in direct sales. It should make the reader feel like they are part of the company or business that’s sending it to them.