France-Based Conferences

Innovation-related conferences take place all over the world. On this page, you will find a list of some of the upcoming conferences, summits, and other events happening in France. Bookings and tickets for these events can be done through each event’s website. You will not be able to book through Meet Innov.

France-Based Conferences and Summits 2017/2018

168TH International Conference on Internet Technology and Society (ICITS)

Paris – August 18 to 20

This is a great event for researchers, innovators, and students. It gives a global platform to present research and findings to experts and peers. It is a great networking event and can make a big difference in the future of research.

246th International Conference on Medical, Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences (ICMBPS)

Paris – September 13 to 14

The conference brings together experts, medical professionals, researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and more to one venue and one event to discuss, inform, educate, debate, and more.

6th International Conference on Epidemiology and Public Health 2017

Paris – October 23 to 25

This conference centres around epidemiological and health transitions in the modern age. Expert speakers join this conference to speak about health and technology relating to it. This is a great event to get updated in the field and to network.

International Conference on Mechatronics, Automation, and Smart Materials 2017

Paris – November 13 to 14

The conference is aimed at companies and individuals involved in the field of mechatronics, automation, and smart materials. There are new innovations and technology in these fields almost daily. This conference focuses on contemporary advances in these fields. This is definitely a not to miss event and will be very valuable to all who attend.