England-Based Conferences

Innovation-related conferences take place all over the world. On this page, you will find a list of some of the upcoming conferences, summits, and other events happening in England. Bookings and tickets for these events can be done through each event’s website. You will not be able to book through Meet Innov.

England-Based Conferences 2017/2018

World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit 2017

London – October 17 to 18

The World Agri-Tech summit is held annually and is well-known among agri-tech innovators and investors. It is a highly acclaimed event that draws many of the lead players in innovation in the agri-tech field. This summit is a great opportunity to network and get up to date with new innovations.

Open Innovation Summit 2018

London – April 25 to 26

This summit is aimed at teaching the best practices and applications in open innovation. Some of the world’s most innovative and successful companies will be there to share their knowledge and practices. The summit will see some of the best speakers take the stage and will include Peter Hamley from Sanofi and Daniel Hobohm from Siemens.

Digital Publishing Innovation Conference 2018

London – July 14 to 15

Come hear what great speakers from Conde Nast, Bloomsbury, and BBC Worldwide have to share. It is all about content and digital publishing and you can expect only the best speakers and a jam-packed programme. If you are part of the digital publishing industry in any way, you want to make sure to attend this conference.

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