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Most Innovative Companies in France and the World 2017

Innovation is a necessary quality if a business wants to survive or make a splash. France has one of the largest economies in the world and its local startups play a big role in this. Accueil is where the money is. Today, we want to look at the best innovation companies for 2017 as well as a few French startup companies that might just change the world.

Top Innovative Companies 2017

These are not listed in a ranking order. They are simply some of the best companies currently.

1. Tesla – This auto and truck manufacturing company has made some big headlines. Elon Musk and his company definitely deserve to be on the top list for innovation. Their products are aimed to be eco-friendly and include electric cars, solar roofs, and home batteries.

2. Google – Google is a word everyone knows and many even use it as a verb. There is no question why Google is on this list. Not only are they still the top-ranking search engine on the web, but their Android mobile systems are the most used and their Chrome web browser is also one of the most popular. To add to their list of excellence, they also own YouTube. It seems there is no end to what the innovators and creatives at Google can think up and execute.

3. Amazon – Most people in the world have ordered something through Amazon or have at least heard of them. They are part of the internet and catalog retail industry and is run by CEO Jeffrey Bezos. They are the best option for fast and affordable online shopping. They also provide other marketing and promotional services.

4. Netflix – Netflix was founded in 1997 but they have only taken the world by storm in the last few years. They are now one of the most popular sites to visit for entertainment. They have also started creating their own original movies and series. Their CDN and Hosting platform has surpassed most traditional hosting companies that small & medium sized businesses use and have innovated into proprietary technology that is paving the future for other companies to follow.

Top 3 French Startups to Watch

BEEKAST – This Paris-based startup has designed an application to make presentations more interactive. It makes it possible to interact with a presentation live and also gives you access to polls and surveys that were set up by the presenter. The audience and the speaker can interact with the presentation throughout the delivery.

Agricool – This is a very innovative and inspiring startup. They have used shipping containers to plant fruits and vegetables at the right temperature, correct lighting, and with access to the best irrigation and air quality. The company does not use any pesticides and requires no transport. They only use renewable energy and can supply food in numbers surpassing normal farmland.

Invivox – This is a medical platform that can be accessed by medical professionals and doctors from all over the world. The aim is to offer the opportunity for training to give patients the best possible service whether they’re in hospice or Assisted senior living care. It helps doctors and other medical professionals to share their knowledge and help others become great as well.

You will find more information about local innovative companies at our France-Based Conferences.

These companies and many more are changing the way the world works and they are making waves all over the world.

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