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European Information Technology Fairs that You Must Visit

Europe is a hub of innovation and expectation. There are many fairs, expos, and summits that focus on innovation in technology, telecommunications, information technology software, and more. These fairs and other events bring together people from all over the world to showcase new inventions, new products, better systems, and more. It is also a great place to find investors and network.

Topsoft – Trade Fair for Business Software

This fair takes place in Switzerland and offers information, seminars, and products from the information technology and telecommunications sectors. It is a very popular fair amongst Europeans and always draws a large variety of experts, specialists, and technicians.

IT Future Expo – Newest Technologies, Trends and IT Innovations in the Polish Market

This fair is aimed at the Polish and takes place in Poland. However, anyone from the industry is welcome and will benefit from the exhibits and information sessions. This expo is a big deal in Warsaw and a great place to get to know more about the culture and developments in Poland.

Infotech – International Exhibition of Information Technologies

This fair takes place in Bulgaria and focuses on IT and telecommunications. Some of the latest and the best new inventions and programs are showcased and the exhibitors are always glad to explain their products and processes. You will find a variety of exhibits from all over the world.

Viscom Paris – International Event for Visual Communication

The Viscom event takes place in Paris and involves a variety of sectors including telecommunications, consumer technologies, broadcasting technology, trade fairs, advertising, and information technology. It is a three-day event during which attendees are treated to the most amazing new advancements in the related fields.

Accueil Fair – French Innovations Exhibit

This fair is where you can find all the new startups and innovative companies in France. There are so many talented and inspired individuals and companies that bring their work to this fair. It is the best place for you to learn more about the local companies and their ideas. You can also get your hands on some of the latest technology for business solutions and communications.

Business Software Event – Automated Business Processes

This Netherlands event centres around developments and companies involved with information technology and telecommunications. Any business owner must attend this event to see what is new and how they can automate their business processes and save time and money. This event is always a winner. IT Software businesses are welcomed and booths are available for software vendors.

Ad:tech London – The Event for Digital Marketing

London is the centre for many great things including the best fairs and conferences in the world. This technology event focuses on digital marketing but also has offerings from and for the IT, telecommunications, advertising, and marketing sectors. It is a must-be event and if your business is at all involved with these sectors, book your spot today.

These are only a handful of great events that take place yearly across Europe. You can also have a look at the EUROPE-BASED CONFERENCES page for more great opportunities to learn and share innovative ideas.

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