Health and Medical Tech Innovations that are Saving the World

Health and Medical Tech Innovations that are Saving the World

European Information Technology Fairs that You Must Visit

European Information Technology Fairs that You Must Visit

Latest Technology Innovations and Gadgets for 2017

Latest Technology Innovations and Gadgets for 2017

Most Innovative Companies in France and the World 2017

Most Innovative Companies in France and the World 2017

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How to Make Your Business More Innovative

How to Make Your Business More Innovative

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An innovative business is a business that is strong and will be successful no matter the changes they face. Change is constant and with the fast pace of technology advances, it is inevitable that a business will need to make changes and think creatively to solve problems and ensure that they stay ahead of the competition. Being innovative is not that hard, but it takes practice and teamwork.

Meet Innov would like to share our take on how to make your business more innovative. We also consulted Michael Noice’s article on the topic. You can also have a look at some of our previous articles on what innovation is and how to think innovatively.

Ask the right questions – To be innovative, you have to ask the right questions. This means you have to move away from the normal ‘what is the problem?’ or ‘what can we do to improve sales?’ and move towards out-of-the-box questions. Look at an issue from a completely different angle. Ask colleagues or employees to give ideas and proposals. You will be surprised what people who are not so close to the problem can come up with.

Put yourself in different areas – Your position changes as your business grows. You move from always being at the head of things and in the inner workings to an overseeing role. This is an important transition, but it doesn’t have to be the only way. If you truly want to know what is happening in your business, try and see it from different positions and views. Take a step back and look from the outside. Join different departments and see the business from there. According to Noice, you have to switch between being on the frontlines and looking from the outside. This will give you a better idea of where you can be innovative and where change is needed.

Involve other people – This may be difficult for some of you, but it is a great way to gain new perspective and a great opportunity to get ideas you may never have thought of. Ask different people in your business (or all the people in your business) to come up with new ideas and innovations. Between the unrealistic and outrageous ones, you may just find a golden egg or two. It is sometimes necessary to have a different perspective to make the right change.

Dare to dare – If you started your own business, you already know that you need to take risks to grow. If you want to take your business to the next level or start developing a new product or idea, you need to go back to taking risks.

We hope that these points will get you thinking and inspire you to be more innovative. We also hope that these points have helped you to start thinking in different directions. Innovation is great for your business and you should embrace the change. Your next innovative idea might just be something that changes the world.

5 Steps to Innovative Thinking that Will Change Your Business

5 Steps to Innovative Thinking that Will Change Your Business

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Innovative thinking is the key to progress. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or how big your business is, you need innovative thinking.

Innovation is based on creativity and creativity comes from creative thinking. Creative thinking means that you think differently about things and that you approach problems from new angles. It also involves phrasing problems and solutions differently. In today’s digitally-ruled world, innovation is the key to success.

So, how do you start this process of innovative thinking? It’s actually quite simple, but it may take practice to get good at it. We had a brainstorm session to simulate our points in this article, and this is what we came up with at Meet Innov.

1. Think broad and think different

It is important to identify the area in which you feel there is a problem or where some new ideas are needed. However, once you have identified the area or problem, try and rephrase the wording. Try to say it differently and try to see it from different perspectives. This will help you determine whether you have identified the actual problem or if there was an underlying issue.

2. Offload Unnecessary Work

Something you’ll learn, is that in order to be successful, you don’t have to do everything yourself. For instance, I hate accounting work, it’s for the birds. I decided to hire an accountant in Orlando and that headache was gone and has now left my mind. My goals are to generate ideas and money, not to do my taxes, and other accountanting related work.

3. Generate ideas

The next step is to generate as many ideas as possible. Involve different people at different levels in your company and see what types of ideas you get. Chances are, you may just get an idea that is completely different and completely innovative. By looking at different ideas, you will also find that you and your team will be looking at things around those ideas and the ideas in themselves will start generating more ideas.

4. Make a shortlist

Sift through all the ideas and see which ones are realistic, innovative, and can solve the problem in the best way. You may even find that there are different good ideas that can be utilised at a later stage or that can address another issue. Your biggest decision will be which one first.

5. Go for it!

Now, the fun starts. Start communicating with the people and departments that will need to produce or implement your new ideas. Make sure that you are clear. Get everything in place and get started. You should make peace with the fact that there will probably changes and adjustments as the process develops.

Innovation is an exciting thing. If you are starting from scratch, you can still follow these points, but instead of your employees, you may ask friends and family for their ideas. You may also need to do some research on fundraising for your idea to get investors involved. Train yourself to always think innovatively and you will always have something new or somewhere new to go with your business. For some further reading, have a look at this article about the 7 Habits of Innovative Thinkers.

Startup Fundraising Phases Explained

Startup Fundraising Phases Explained

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Fundraising is an important part of many businesses. If you don’t have the money to bankroll your new venture, you need investors. Finding investors and funding for your business or idea takes time and works in phases. You can align these phases with the stages of your business’ development. Meet Innov has attended many workshops on fundraising and we also know quite a few successful businesses that started out with fundraising.

What do investors want to know?

  1. What your company does or what the idea is that you want to develop.
  2. What problem will be solved or what need will be fulfilled with the product or service.
  3. The type of technology involved.
  4. Market research and market opportunity.
  5. Explanation of why consumers will buy and enjoy the product or service.

The Phases of Fundraising

The phases of fundraising align with the milestones of a company or its development.

  1. Seed Money

Seed money refers to the funds you need to start the business or get the production of a product underway. This is the first phase and often the company does not yet have a working prototype or any evidence or proof that it will work. You have to sell the concept.

  1. Round 2

This is where you have a working prototype or some other proof that your company has merit and that your product will work. Companies who have gone through the initial phase without funding may skip the seed round and start talking to investors only at this stage.

  1. Round 3

At this point, you have a working product, a thorough business plan and everything in place to move further. When you get to this point, investors are approached to help fund the process of taking the product to a broader market. The investment amount will be larger than the with the previous two rounds.

  1. Round 4

When you reach this point, your company has gone far already. You will now seek investments to help you go international or to expand your product range or develop a new idea. In some instances, if a company is really successful, the company will be bought by investors or larger corporations. It all depends on the direction in which you as the company owner wants to go.

Funds in all of these rounds will have to include operational costs, marketing costs, and overheads. It is important that your business plan and financial projections keep this in mind and that you also include a buffer.

As you can see, fundraising and partnering with investors is not something that takes a few weeks or months. These processes can take years and it is important that you establish a good relationship with your investors. Learn more about how to approach investors here.

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Health and Medical Tech Innovations that are Saving the World

Health and Medical Tech Innovations that are Saving the World

Accueil, medical, tech innovations

The medical field is always looking for new innovations in technology and other fields that will help them take better care of patients. Health is one of the most important things in human life and it is facing so many threats daily. With diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, AIDS and more, it is easy to understand why the medical field gets so excited about innovation.

The Meet Innov team visited a few events this year including CES in Las Vegas. We came across some really cool inventions and upgrades for almost any gadget and in any field, you can imagine. Today, we have a look at the technologies that were specifically involved with the medical field. For other great innovations and inventions go here.

Technology and Gadgets

Baby temperature measurement. It is never easy to take a baby’s temperature as they are always moving and things get in the way. TempTraq has invented a patch that you can place on the baby and it records all the information you need. It monitors the temperature and sends the data to the mobile devices of the parents or caregivers.

Fitness. If you like to keep track of your fitness but don’t particularly enjoy the bands, watches, etc. that is available, the ring may be your answer. Motiv has invented a fitness ring that monitors heart rate, counts steps, and even tracks your sleeping patterns. Now you don’t have to worry about what to wear or how to hide it. The ring is elegant and small and also water-resistant.

Sleep apnoea. A new smart watch has been invented to help people detect sleep apnoea and also to help improve their quality of sleep. Neogia is behind this great invention and this can potentially save lives as sleep apnoea is often linked to hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease.


Diabetes medication – Diabetes is one of the most dangerous diseases at the moment because of the other health problems that go with it. New medications have been proven successful in reducing cardiovascular disease in diabetics and it has also lowered the mortality rate.

Leukaemia and lymphomas – Cellular immunotherapy is being used to treat leukaemia and lymphomas. Initial studies have shown that this is effective and the treatment is awaiting FDA approval.

Car safety – Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death in many countries in the world. There are many reasons why car accidents happen. New safety features have been developed to help prevent accidents through collision warning systems, drowsiness alerts, and more.

HPV tests – Many women are affected by human papillomavirus or HPV. Some of the strains of HPV can lead to cervical cancer. This new test can be self-administered by women themselves and the sample can be sent to a lab to analyse the results.

You can see some of the predictions for what medical technology holds for us at the Medical Futurist website. You will also find some other great information there. Also, visit the Global Events List website for events near you.

Technology keeps impressing us and we say accueil with open arms to these great new innovations.

European Information Technology Fairs that You Must Visit

European Information Technology Fairs that You Must Visit

Accueil, fairs, information technology

Europe is a hub of innovation and expectation. There are many fairs, expos, and summits that focus on innovation in technology, telecommunications, information technology, and more. These fairs and other events bring together people from all over the world to showcase new inventions, new products, better systems, and more. It is also a great place to find investors and network.

Topsoft – Trade Fair for Business Software

This fair takes place in Switzerland and offers information, seminars, and products from the information technology and telecommunications sectors. It is a very popular fair amongst Europeans and always draws a large variety of experts, specialists, and technicians.

IT Future Expo – Newest Technologies, Trends and IT Innovations in the Polish Market

This fair is aimed at the Polish and takes place in Poland. However, anyone from the industry is welcome and will benefit from the exhibits and information sessions. This expo is a big deal in Warsaw and a great place to get to know more about the culture and developments in Poland.

Infotech – International Exhibition of Information Technologies

This fair takes place in Bulgaria and focuses on IT and telecommunications. Some of the latest and the best new inventions and programmes are showcased and the exhibitors are always glad to explain their products and processes. You will find a variety of exhibits from all over the world.

Viscom Paris – International Event for Visual Communication

The Viscom event takes place in Paris and involves a variety of sectors including telecommunications, consumer technologies, broadcasting technology, trade fairs, advertising, and information technology. It is a three-day event during which attendees are treated to the most amazing new advancements in the related fields.

Accueil Fair – French Innovations Exhibit

This fair is where you can find all the new startups and innovative companies in France. There are so many talented and inspired individuals and companies that bring their work to this fair. It is the best place for you to learn more about the local companies and their ideas. You can also get your hands on some of the latest technology for business solutions and communications.

Business Software Event – Automated Business Processes

This Netherlands event centres around developments and companies involved with information technology and telecommunications. Any business owner must attend this event to see what is new and how they can automate their business processes and save time and money. This event is always a winner.

Ad:tech London – The Event for Digital Marketing

London is the centre for many great things including the best fairs and conferences in the world. This technology event focuses on digital marketing but also has offerings from and for the IT, telecommunications, advertising, and marketing sectors. It is a must-be event and if your business is at all involved with these sectors, book your spot today.

These are only a handful of great events that take place yearly across Europe. You can also have a look at the EUROPE-BASED CONFERENCES page for more great opportunities to learn and share innovative ideas.

Latest Technology Innovations and Gadgets for 2017

Latest Technology Innovations and Gadgets for 2017

Accueil, technology advancements

New innovations in technology and the resulting gadgets keep on changing the world, how we live, how we work, and more. From accueil to travail technology and innovation surrounds us. Some of the inventions that innovation has brought us in the last decade or so is now so part of our lives that we don’t even realise it. So many of these things are now impossible to live without.

Let’s look the latest inventions and gadgets that the Meet Innov team has come across.

Brain implants to reverse paralysis – Scientists have created implants that can help reverse paralysis caused by spinal cord injuries. This means that people with these implants may have restored motor functions after an accident.

Dell 2-in-1 Laptops – Dell is one of the leading computer manufacturers in the world and they keep inventing better products. The latest in their laptop ranges is the Latitude 7285. It includes all the best specs and is smaller than most hybrids.

Hot solar cells can generate cheap energy – Scientists have been working on converting heat to focused beams of light. This innovation will make it possible to build a device that can generate power that will be uninterrupted and cheap. This is definitely an innovation that could change the world for the better.

Toyota Concept-i – Toyota’s Concept-i is a car that can drive itself and it also has artificial intelligence that powers it. The car supposedly will learn the preferences and habits of its driver over time and will even be able to suggest destinations.

Quantum computers may be in reach – Both Google and Intel and other research companies have gotten close to making practical quantum computers a reality. These computers will have power like no other machine has before. The opportunities are limitless.

Gene therapy is making cures possible – There are many hereditary and other chronic diseases and disorders that have no cure. Gene therapy has helped bring scientists closer to solving basic issues with creating these cures. Soon they will be able to work on cures for cancer, heart disease and others.

Many of these inventions and gadgets are introduced or displayed at the great conferences held across Europe. You can be the first to try them out. Just visit any of our conference pages to find out more.

Without these continuous innovations and companies that are continuously trying to come up with new gadgets and technologies, the world would look a lot different. Just imagine your life without your smartphone or your laptop or your home assistant or your Wi-Fi. A few years or decades back those were the latest innovations. It just keeps getting better and we are excited to see what the future holds.

Most Innovative Companies in France and the World 2017

Most Innovative Companies in France and the World 2017

Accueil, innovation companies

Innovation is a necessary quality if a business wants to survive or make a splash. France has one of the largest economies in the world and its local startups play a big role in this. Accueil is where the money is. Today, we want to look at the best innovation companies for 2017 as well as a few French startup companies that might just change the world.

Top Innovative Companies 2017

These are not listed in a ranking order. They are simply some of the best companies currently.

1. Tesla – This auto and truck manufacturing company has made some big headlines. Elon Musk and his company definitely deserve to be on the top list for innovation. Their products are aimed to be eco-friendly and include electric cars, solar roofs, and home batteries.

2. Google – Google is a word everyone knows and many even use it as a verb. There is no question why Google is on this list. Not only are they still the top-ranking search engine on the web, but their Android mobile systems are the most used and their Chrome web browser is also one of the most popular. To add to their list of excellence, they also own YouTube. It seems there is no end to what the innovators and creatives at Google can think up and execute.

3. Amazon – Most people in the world have ordered something through Amazon or have at least heard of them. They are part of the internet and catalog retail industry and is run by CEO Jeffrey Bezos. They are the best option for fast and affordable online shopping. They also provide other marketing and promotional services.

4. Netflix – Netflix was founded in 1997 but they have only taken the world by storm in the last few years. They are now one of the most popular sites to visit for entertainment. They have also started creating their own original movies and series.

Top 3 French Startups to Watch

BEEKAST – This Paris-based startup has designed an application to make presentations more interactive. It makes it possible to interact with a presentation live and also gives you access to polls and surveys that were set up by the presenter. The audience and the speaker can interact with the presentation throughout the delivery.

Agricool – This is a very innovative and inspiring startup. They have used shipping containers to plant fruits and vegetables at the right temperature, correct lighting, and with access to the best irrigation and air quality. The company does not use any pesticides and requires no transport. They only use renewable energy and can supply food in numbers surpassing normal farmland.

Invivox – This is a medical platform that can be accessed by medical professionals and doctors from all over the world. The aim is to offer the opportunity for training to give patients the best possible service. It helps doctors and other medical professionals to share their knowledge and help others become great as well.

You will find more information about local innovative companies at our France-Based Conferences.

These companies and many more are changing the way the world works and they are making waves all over the world.

Tips for Approaching Investors for a Startup Funds or Innovative Ideas

Tips for Approaching Investors for a Startup Funds or Innovative Ideas

fundraising, investors, LExperience

Approaching investors is a sensitive business and you want to make sure that you do it right. Meet Innov would like to help you avoid the mistakes most entrepreneurs make when approaching investors. We would also like to give you some tips for preparing yourself properly.

Starting a new business or implementing innovative ideas is a great adventure, but most people need some financial help from investors. When you are preparing to approach investors, keep these in mind.

Have a clean credit record – If you don’t already have a business or your new business is not yet up and running, investors will look at your personal credit record. So, make sure that you have a good credit score and that any problems or mistakes are sorted out before you approach investors.

Most investors have specific preferences – Investors generally prefer to back businesses that are local so they can meet face-to-face and get to know the people they will be backing. They also have a minimum and maximum deal size. It is of no use applying for an investment that is below their minimum or above their maximum. They also tend to be industry-specific. They stick to industries that they know and understand which helps them see potential or know when a proposal won’t be successful.

Get your business plan ready – Before you approach an investor, set up a proper and thorough business plan. Your plan should be realistic and address any issues you may foresee and it must also give a true and realistic presentation of financials. It also helps if you have some proof that your concept or business will work. For example, good website stats, signed up clients, a working prototype, etc.

Choose the right approach – Most investors are very busy and prefer that they are approached through email. It is also best to be referred to them through a mutual contact rather than using cold calling. It is important to always be professional and honest. Also, make sure that your online profiles and social media platforms are clean and do not create a bad image. They will be looking into you before investing.

The experience (l’experience in French) that investors have with you and the way you present yourself is very important. If your business wants to put in place a new innovative project, investors may be your answer. If you do your homework on potential investors and get all your preparations in place, you stand a much better chance to create interest and successfully get an investor. For more tips, attend local conferences. You will likely also meet potential investors there or get some great contacts that can refer you.

What is Innovation and Why Do We Need It?

What is Innovation and Why Do We Need It?

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Innovation refers to ‘the process of translating an idea or invention into a good service that creates value or for which customers will pay’. This is the basic definition of innovation according to the Business Dictionary.

For something to be called innovative, it must fulfil a need and also be replicable in order to sell it for economic cost or financial gain. Innovation usually involves taking an old idea and doing something new with it. It can also be a completely new idea that makes a process or product stand out because it does something that hasn’t been done before. Creativity is the essence of innovation. Innovation should improve l’experience for consumers and clients in these fields.

So, why do we need innovation in business and other fields like education, health, and technology?

  1. To solve the world’s problems – There are many problems in the world that cannot be solved with the systems and thinking that are mainstream. Many of these problems were created because of un-innovative thinking. Problems like world hunger, HIV, water shortage, climate change, etc. can only be solved by thinking differently and finding innovative ways to address them.
  2. To stay ahead of competition – Technology is advancing daily and more startups are popping up all the time. Not only is the competition increasing, but they are already smarter when they start than existing businesses are. Innovation helps existing businesses adapt to the new digital environment and it also helps them to stay part of the competitive market.
  3. To adjust to changing workplace demographics and situations – With Millennials replacing the baby boomers and technology changing everything about how we work, companies must be innovative to stay ahead and keep up with their employees. Employees are becoming more mobile and they expect flexible hours and more meaning in their work. Not only are employees changing, but the way we work. More people work from home or from overseas. Technology has made it possible to work for companies anywhere in the world. This changes the way we work and the way in which companies need to work to keep their employees.
  4. To keep up with technology advancements – Everything is digital and social media is taking over the world. If a business wants to remain successful and keep growing, it has to keep these things in mind and adapt. It needs to find innovative ways to implement or incorporate new technology and social media.

The best way to stay ahead and help your business become more innovative and innovation-savvy is to attend some of the many innovation conferences around the world. Visit our conference pages to find out more about these.

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Tips for Approaching Investors for a Startup Funds or Innovative Ideas

Tips for Approaching Investors for a Startup Funds or Innovative Ideas

Approaching investors is a sensitive business and you want to make sure that you do it right. Meet Innov would like to h...
What is Innovation and Why Do We Need It?

What is Innovation and Why Do We Need It?

Innovation refers to ‘the process of translating an idea or invention into a good service that creates value or for whic